Why use a mix of gluten-free natural fares

Use onlynatural floursand not mix already ready (with thickeners and other added ingredients) for its own gluten-free recipes allows you to choose what to insert into your diet, for a healthier feeding, because each of us can have different intolerances beyond that of gluten.

You can be intolerant of sugars, yeasts, milk, eggs, preservatives, and so on ...

We decided to grind prey varieties of corn, rice, sorghum and buckwheat and to keep unaffected all the organoleptic characteristics, nutritional properties, colours, and taste.


In addition to machining and drying techniques and the choice of precise varieties, we have chosen to do not add any other ingredients to our flours :

  • no preservatives -our fares still last 1 year if well preserved
  • no artificial tires or added amides -thanks to the different grains that are also very fine, so that the impains will bind well
  • no added sugars -only the natural sugars present in the cereal
  • no salt added -only the one naturally present in the cereal
  • no milk or derivatives -for those suffering from intolerance to dairy
  • no animal derivatives -for those who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet
  • no yeasts -for those suffering from intolerances

What do they contain then?

It will seem incredible to you but they contain only and simply FLOUR.

Obviously only with a typology of gluten-free flour is difficult to prepare dishes such as pizza, bread and pasta, which is why we created for you aReceptacle simple to use our fares and a Book for those who want to cit themselves in more imaginative recipes.

For pizza, bread and pasta our recipes recommend the use of a few natural starches, such as corn starch, potato starch, guar seed meal, agar agar, because they help to give structure to the dough that allows for the yearling.

The corn starch facilitates the binding to the fats, while the potato starch increases its softness, so they can also be used together in the same recipe.

The thing that is important to us is being able to CHOOSE, we can recommend the best recipe but the dosage of the various ingredients depends on each one of you : sweet, less sweet, salty, less salty.