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According to the stated legislation, such treatment will be imaged to the principles of correctness, lawfulness, transparency and the protection of His confidentiality and the Suoi rights.
According to Article 13 of the GDPR 2016/679, Titular of the treatment is Marello Guido as a holderof the Marello Agricultural Company(the owner of the Mulino Marello brand), therefore, we provide you with the following information :
Your personal data (name, surname, telephone, address and-mail, credit card for online payments), will be required to complete the purchase order of our products (online at the, via email or phone) and their shipment, for private entities and for companies with a lot of game.

The personal data provided :

a) Verranno used for the performance of related accounting practices (invoices or transport documents, payment) and for transport practices (shipping bulletins), for any communications, promotions, miscellanes notices. Your personal data such as nominations, address, telephone number, and -mail will be used and then reported to the couriers for shipping practices.
b) It shall be informed that, having regard to the purposes of the processing as outlined above, the conferral of data is mandatory for online orders and by order via-mail/telephone where the products require an shipment.
c) For purchases made at our seat of Camino the consent to the processing of data is only mandatory for the companies with a match or for those who make an invoice request (instead of the tax receipt).
d) Their failure, partial or inaccurate conferral will have as a consequence, the impossibility of evading orders
c) The processed data will be guarded within databases at the Marello Agricultural Company and treated by the Marello Guido Treatment Titles and its appointees.
f) Some data (Nominative, address, tax code and / or game iva) will be communicated to third parties such as :
-couriers for shipments of the products made ;
-a merchant study for the completion of the relevant accounting practices by law (declaration, income, etc.) through invoices.
g) The data subject shall have the right of (Art. 7) :
1. to oppose the treatment ;
2. to obtain the modification of the data ;
3. to obtain the deletion of the data ;
4. to revoke consent ;
5. to propose complaint to the control authority (Privacy Supervisor).

In cases 1/3/4 the fulfillment of orders will not be completed (Rif. Point 1 and point (c)
h) For online orders on our, the data subject may log in with your credentials (after registration) to your card and make changes to your data.
i (i) Where the order is made by mail or telephone the request for modification / cancellation must be made through :
E-mail to :info@mulinomarello.itand for knowledge
Certified mail
l) The processing will be carried out with both manual and / or computer and telematics tools with logic of organization and processing that are closely related to the purposes themselves and in any case so as to ensure the safety, integrity and confidentiality of the data themselves in compliance with the organizational, physical and logical measures provided for in the current provisions.
m) Personal data shall be kept for the duration of 10 years, unless requested for early cancellation. n) The Titular of Data Processing is Marello Guido, holder of the Marello Agricultural Company, sited in Via Pontestura, 80-15020 Camino (AL)-Tel. 0142/697040
o) Inloaded to the processing of data :
Rosa Rizzo, business manager and marketing
Sarah Raiteri, production manager and orders


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