Nutritionist Francesca Archero

Ask the nutritionist a question.

The Dr. Francesca Archero, nutritionist biologist, collaborate with us and will answer your questions about food intolerances, allergies and food education. In this blog you can find articles, interesting news about nutrition and recipes made directly by the nutritionist with our gluten-free flours.



Why turn to the nutritionist biologist?

Simply to get better thanks to the choice of the right foods!

Who can turn to the nutritionist?

The nutritionist draws up personalized food plans for every age group, starting with children and adolescents underweight or overweight, passing from sportsmen, vegetarians, vegans, allergic or intolerant subjects (lactose or gluten for example), pregnant mothers, breastfeeding or menopausal women, subjects suffering from pathologies diagnosed by a specialist (diabetes mellitus, hypertension, osteoporosis , hypercholesterolemia, pertriglyceridemia, overweight and obesity, gastrointestinal diseases such as reflux, irritable colon, gastritis etc...) up to the elderly. It also deals with food education and primary prevention for individuals or groups of people.

How does the first meeting from the nutritionist take place?

During the first visit lasting about an hour and a half, anthropometric parameters such as weight, height and circumferences will be detected; a careful pathological and food history will be made to know the possible pharmacological therapies in progress and personal eating habits.

The food plan will be delivered at a second meeting where it will be explained and observed together to clarify any doubts or answer questions.

What is the goal for those who turn to the nutritionist?

Well-being and weight loss can be achieved with a balanced diet, correctly combining the substances that our organism needs without deprivation and sacrifice.

The goal of the course is to learn to eat, correctly matching foods according to personal needs (work shifts, business lunches, meals away from home, workouts, events) so as to make them a habit without feeling "on a diet".

We do not need a "stecchetto" life but the awareness of the

Love each other, feed better"!