I'm a psychologist.

I'm a writer of children's educational books and... I do fairy tales.

I'm an actress and a radio speaker.

I've been leading and conducting television broadcasts about well-being and natural nutrition.

Then, an unexpected turn... which has led me in the last six years to further deepen the world of food and intolerance, in particular the world of gluten-free. I have studied and am still studying, experimenting and collaborating with professionals in the field. I find out and practice every day.

I chose the path of food consciousness as a way to find health and well-being, to find vitality and harmony, as a way to find myself again. A road full of obstacles, of course, but which makes the achievements even more precious and important.

So he was born Free, of course.

In-depth articles on cereals and pseudocereals gluten free, curiosity, suggestions to adopt new habits and learn to spread among the shelves of products, headings of psychology and wellbeing, as well as recipes naturally gluten free and lactose free, 100 per cent vegetable. Recipes that do not want to compete with those of chefs or expert food bloggers, but my recipes, those that accompany my days, that help me bring the smile to the table.

I do personal food coaching. and accompany people with food intolerances or who experience the discomfort of celiac disease, or all those who choose to adopt a different and kinder food style with their health, to settle into their daily lives.

A new diagnosis leads to discomfort, fear, sometimes anger, feeling lonely and unlucky. We have had advice, of course, a prescribed diet, but once we get home every doubt attacks us, we do not know what to buy, how to read labels, how to cook those cereals with such strange names, we do not know how to manage this change and we do not know how to live it in the family and in our daily life made of relationships and movements.

Sometimes it takes a little help to find a smile and a new balance!

Finally, I am the author of the necklace of children's books Isa Gulp 13Lab Editor who have as their protagonist the nice Gluti spighetta that leads the youngest children and their families to understand celiac disease, to discover free cereals and pseudocereals gluten and new creative and traditional recipes to prove intolerance!


Dr. Isabella Vendrame.

Fb Naturally Free