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Ingredients for a small frying pan

250 gr Mixture for Pizza and Focaccia Mulino Marello

2 spoons of extra virgin olive oil

Salt to q.b.

2 spoons of organic poppy seed

Half a bag of organic dry yeast without gluten


Mix the flour with the oil, salt and dry yeast. Add water to obtain an easily workable dough. Wrap the package in a clean canopy and rest and rise in the oven turned off for at least an hour and a half.

Gently grease an anti-stick pan and place the dough, adapt it with your fingers and cover it with poppy seeds by crushing them on the surface. Cook with medium fire until you notice that the edges tend to detach, with a dish turned over and cooked on the other side. Finish cooking until a crust is on the surface. Allow them to be soaked, consumed like this or cut to pieces, open them and roast them in a ventilated oven for about ten minutes to 180 degrees.

Cooking in a pan

We do not always want to light the oven and rediscover the allied pan also for the making of bread and scones can be really useful.

This recipe is really very simple, it allows us to find the taste of bread differently and the addition of poppy seeds gives color and nourishment.

The latter are rich in calcium as well as the seeds of sesame and chia, phosphorus, magnesium and manganese, contain omega fatty acids 6, oleic acid, vitamins of group B, vitamin C, vitamin E and precious fibres.

It has often been prevented from poppy seeds due to the presence ofalkaloidscontained in them, quite similar to those of opium. However, the quantity of these substances is very low, much lower than that of opium and is also reduced to 90% by the processing processes.

So let us consume them calmly and use them for bread and griffins, for cookies and to season the fresh pasta!

You can taste this warm scone or slice it into slices and roast it in the oven. They will become tasty cakes to spread with a Czech hummus, avocado or olive cream to taste at lunch or great for breakfast with almond cream or baked fruit.


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Article by Dr. Isabella Vendrame- food coach psychologist, writer and publicist.

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