Pumpkin gems in vegetable broth

Inserted by Rosa Rizzo the

Ingredients for 4 people

300 grams of baked delica pumpkin pulp

200 grams of Mix of natural flours for Mill Mill pasta

Vegetable Broth Q.B.

Extra virgin olive oil Q.B.


Bake the delica pumpkin baked, remove peel and seeds. Crush with the fork about 300 grams of pulp and mix it with flour until you get a workable mixture. Make the small pasta gnocchos and make rest in the refrigerator a few hours. Prepare a vegetable broth with carrots, celery and zucchini for example or using a bio and gluten-free dice, regulated salt and boil pumpkin gems.

When they are afloat they are ready. Serve the hot dish with extra virgin olive oil added to raw.


During the holidays a plate of soup is always welcome, if not even part of our traditions. A vegetable broth or meat based on your customs with rice, tortellini, passatelli, angel hair, canederli, it's a habit of so many families.

Eating gluten-free and as in my case also vegetable finding tortellini or particular pasta and filled with cooking in broth is not easy and so I thought about this idea.

Also to have a new and sincerely really much more digestible dish than those meat tortellini I ate when I was a child and maybe many of us are also tired!

These goodies are soft and tasty, in broth they are really delicious, but they can also be eaten dry with oil, sage and gomasio for example or with a vegetable sauce of our choice.

The mixture for fresh pasta Mill Marello helps to carry out a cohesive dough which absolutely does not require the presence of eggs or thickeners.

The delica pumpkin gives natural sweetness and softness, replacing the most traditional potatoes very well.

Rich in fiber, antioxidants, it is a food that in this winter time we have to get used to wearing often on the table. Help to our immune system like all orange vegetables rich in carotenoids, as well as a natural potassium supplement!

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