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Ingredients for 18 cookies 

240 g cold butter in small pieces

250 gBlend of Natural Farages for Torte Mulino Marello

130 gPolenta Fioretto Mill Marello

110 g fine semi-finished sugar

1 average egg

1 egg yolk (medium)

2 g salt up


Pour in a bowl the mixture for cakes, Fioretto corn flour and sugar. Mix with a spoon to amalgamate.

Add the cold butter cut to chopped shafts.

Start to pawn at low speed until getting a sandy compound and crumpled.

Combine the whole egg, the yolk and the salt until it gets a soft dough.

Topple the dough on a work floor, form a bench, wrap it with food film and have it rest in the refrigerator for at least an hour.

Finish the rest lay the dough between two sheets of baked paper with a height of about half a centimetre.

With a coppapauction of 8 cm in diameter form the cookies. In half of these form a central hole using a coppapauction of 2 cm in diameter.

Fix them on a pan covered with baking paper and cook at 160 degrees oven preheated static mode for 15/20.

Make them cool and move them from the teglia.

Bake each base with an abundant spoon of jams and coat with the forked biscuit.


Recipe made for Mulino Marello by Stefania Fracasso di Nuvole di Sapori
Instagram : @nuvoledisaporistefania


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