Wafer for ice cream cones

Inserted by Rosa Rizzo the

It is possible to prepare wafer wafts and ice cream cones even with our blends of natural gluten flours, in order to achieve a waffle suitable for everyone, both to those who suffer from gluten intolerances and those who have no problems but loves a Natural food.

What flours I can use for waffles and cones for my ice cream     

To prepare gluten-free wafer you can use ours Mixtures of natural flours for sweets, with rice flour and corn flour.

There Marello mill rice flour,Helps to tie the dough because very rich in starch, as it derives from a particular variety of Round round rice in whole.

There Corn flour for sweets Mill Marello, both in fine and integral grain gives aromaticity and color to the dough thanks to Ancient varieties of Mais Autoctone Piedmontese, colorful and very fragrant.

From the mixture of these two flours are born ours Mixtures of natural flours , Without thickeners, tires and without added sugar, for wafts, pasta, biscuits and cakes.

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