Stone mill


The same philosophy adopted in the cultivation of the fields we apply to the processing of ourgluten-free flours.

Here too we have chosen tradition by equipping the grinding room of our mill with two natural stone grinders of different diameters and rotational speed. The advantage of stone grinding is to keep all the organoleptic properties of cereals unchanged.


Stone grinding is comparable to an art made of sensory experiences where grinder and conductor are the protagonists of an orchestra. Among the tactile sensations the temperature of the flours is the most important: it must be kept as low as possible to preserve organoleptic, nutritional and aromatic qualities of the ground cereal. The scents that are released during grinding together with the noise of moving stones are elements that guide us in the regulation of grinders, fundamental to check that they do not touch. The grains of thegluten-free cerealsthey are the only elements that divide the two grinders by almost floating them on each other. The ability to guess and manage the nuances of these different sensations leads to the production of a high quality gluten-free flour, while obtaining the desired final particle size for use in the most varied culinary applications.


Gluten-free cereals behave differently between varieties. There are corn with different aromatic complexities for spicy notes and intensity, with grains more or less glassy and with extraction of flour of different finesse that in turn affect grinding temperatures and particle size. That's why knowing the ground variety of corn and knowing how it was grown is important information to get excellence from that art that is stone grinding.


The gluten-free floursthat we get are ready to be offered to a professional user in full or burattate form. Choosing together with the customer the type of grinding and the mixture between different varieties of corn we reach the desired aromaticity and aromas. With the use of a centrifugal buratto at low speed we can burattare the flour and select the desired particle size by replacing the sieves, obtaining from a single processing 4 different particle sizes.


With the customer we can face a path of finding the most suitable mixture for his needs. By mixing precise doses of different varieties and particle sizes we are able to offer a customized solution for every single need of use, allowing our customers to choose their distinctive character in defining the taste and tactile sensation of their gastronomic realization.