Guido Marello and Rosa Rizzo

In 2013 we decide to open our mill by choosing to deal exclusively with gluten -free flours, addressing those who suffer from this intolerance and celiac disease, offering everyone the opportunity to approach a healthy and natural diet, without giving up flavors and pleasures unique of the table.

As a young farmer curious to discover and re -evaluate the traditions of the area, Guido has thought of also recovering some Ancient varieties of Piedmontese autochthonous corn, making it highlight the extraordinary organoleptic, taste and chromatic qualities.

We decide to go against the current e Create mix of gluten -free flours without adding thickeners, tires, sugars or other added ingredients and of stone Cereals to guarantee tastes and flavors also in flour.

Thanks to Guido's passion for agriculture inculcate them from his father Stefano, our mill and our passion is born and together the study for the search for the best varieties.

Together we create the best flours for any type of preparation and study the simplest and most creative recipes to make with our gluten -free flours.


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