Founders and production

 Guido Marello is Rosa rizzo 

What is our mission

We have chosen to deal exclusively with gluten-free cereals, turning to those who suffer from this intolerance and celiac disease, offering everyone the possibility of approaching a healthy and natural diet, without sacrificing flavors and unique pleasures of the table.

As a young farmer curious to discover and re-evaluate the traditions of the territory, Guido has thought of recovering some too Ancient varieties of Mais Autoctone Piedmontese, By making it stand out the extraordinary organoleptic qualities, gustative and chromatic.

Here is where the idea of ​​creating particular mixtures of gluten-free flour is born, in addition to the desire to rediscover the ancient craft of the miller with stone mills, precisely to produce unique and special flours, suitable for everyone.

What we produce
Precious corn flour

The gluten-free principe flour, particularly suitable for all coeliacs, to which we dedicate ourselves is that of corn, ground both in an integral form and purctected using different sieves to obtain the specific granulometry for the correct gastronomic application. From the cultivation of different valuable varieties of Mais Vitrei and ancient Mais Piedmonti autochthones we can supply different flours for aromaticity, as well as for granulometry, satisfying any particular demand in the market in the high-quality stone flour in stone. The offer extends from the flours to polenta to those for desserts and baked goods, up to those dedicated to breasts and dough.

White sorghum flour

A small agricultural area dedicated to the cultivation of a particular variety of sorghum without tannins. The gluten-free sorghum flour that we produce derives from very fine stone grinding grain white. The peculiarity is the absence of tannins and the high percentage of content starch. The taste of this flour is pleasant and soft, features that make it very suitable for use in dough and baked goods, ideal for celiacs and gluten intolerant people. The high percentage of starch helps to tie the mixtures obtained from gluten-free flour mixtures, which by their nature have little aptitude to remain tied after cooking.

Round full bean rice flour

The rice flour is widely used in the most varied preparations, from white breasts to cookies mixtures, in addition to other mix of different flour, to customize their own recipe as well as to tie the dough. For our rice flours we have made precise choices: the use of a round chicco variety and the grinding of only whole grains. We only use rice with a round chicco because it is mediumly guarantees a percentage of superior starch than with fine and super fine rice varieties, helping to tie the dough during processing and cooking. Only entire rice beans, because this allows us to select the particular variety of desired rice with its specific qualities. On the market, rice flours derive almost all from the grinding of the so-called "broken", that is by broken beans discarded during the selection of whole grains for risotto. The broken are mixed with each other and then ground and the result is a flour that is not known nor the variety of rice origin, nor the precise percentage of starch.

buckwheat flour

Our gluten-free buckwheat flour derives from the grinding of the decorticated grain, for this reason it is very clear, it is also very fine to allow the mixture of wire with the other ingredients.

It is suitable for mixing with other pizza flours, bread, desserts and baked goods in general.

 As we cultivate and work cereals

We cultivate all the cereals we grow directly in our farm, taking care of all the production phases:

  • Sowing - We choose the best varieties of cereals and ancient varieties for our flour, using integrated agriculture techniques, with rotation of the fields and use of non-chemical fertilizers.
  • Collection - we collect cereals with our equipment so as not to have gluten cruciate contaminations;
  • Drying - We dry our cereals with an innovative radiofrequency system, unique in Europe, with zero impact for the environment, which in addition to lowering humidity also knocks the bacterial charges and maintains all the taste / olfactory properties and the colors of the Cereal, in addition to guaranteeing a softer, voluminous flour that works well in gluten-free doughs.
  • Decortication - We decorticate cereals such as sorghum and stone buckwheat without the use of chemicals.
  • Optical selection of beans - We select only the whole beans and not the broken and only healthy ones, to prevent the formation of mold, bacteria and mycotoxins, harmful to the body.
  • Cleaning - After the optical selection and before grinding, we carry out a further cleaning and brushing the beans, for a clean and pronounced grain to be transformed into flour.
  • Stone grinding - Exclusively in natural stone, which is not working at very high temperatures, keeps all the organoleptic properties of cereals unaltered.