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Anklechetto 29 cm x 13cm x 6.5 cm

30 cm base for 11 cm

Ingredients for the chocolate Bavarian

300 g chocolate

50% cocoa

365 g whole milk

70 g egg yolk

50 g granulated sugar

460 g sweet cream

14 g Jelly in sheets

 Ingredients for the cocoa base

180 g Mixture of natural flours for Marello mill cakes

5 medium eggs

120 g granulated sugar

100 g whole milk

35 g rice oil

60 g bitter cocoa powder

8 g baking powder

Procedure for the chocolate Bavarian

Melt the chocolate in a bain-marie when it is completely melted to put aside to cool.

Have the sheets of jelly rehydrate in plenty of cold water.

In a saucepan put to heat the milk medium heat.

In a bowl put the egg yolks with sugar and mix.

Incorporate to milk and bring everything to a temperature of 82 degrees.

Remove from the heat and add the sheets of jelly more shooting taking care to make them completely dissolve.

Allow to reach 30 degrees.

Mount the cream and incorporate it to the cream.

Pour the mixture into a silicone-shaped silicone mold and cool in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours or in freezer.

Procedure for cocoa base

Sift the mix for cakes with cocoa powder and yeast.

In the planetary put the eggs at room temperature and sugar.

Mount until creating a light and foolish compound.

Add milk, oil.

Incorporate the sifted flour together with cocoa and yeast.

Pour the dough into a rectangular pan with plumcake (measures 30cm for 11 cm)

Cook at 180 degrees preheated oven Static mode.

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