Savory crepes

Inserted by Rosa Rizzo the


280g Mix mix for crepes marello mostello

500 ml milk

3 whole middle eggs

A teaspoon of salt up

40 g butter (to butter the pot)


In the bowl of the planetary mixer, put the whole eggs and beat them with a whip hook.

Add the mix for crepes, milk, salt and work until it creates a smooth and homogeneous mixture

Heat a non -stick pot.

Grease with a small piece of butter.

Pour a ladle of dough, quickly tilt and rotate the pot in such a way as to distribute the entire mixture well.

As soon as it is golden in overturning the dough on the other side. Cook until golden brown.

Repeat this with all the preparation.

Stuff to taste.

Recipe made for Molino Marello by Stefania Fracasso
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