Carnival Castagnole

Inserted by Rosa Rizzo the


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300 g Mix of natural flours for Molino Marello cakes

100 g sugar

100 g seed oil

2 tablespoons of milk (if needed)

Half a glass of grappa or rum

Half bag of baking powder

2 eggs


Mix the flour with the sugar and yeast in the planetary mixer or hand.

Add the eggs, oil, milk and half a glass of liqueur.

Knead to form a soft and elastic dough.

According to the milk or flour, the mixture may vary depending on the dust used or the size of the eggs.

Form rolls and cut about 2 centimeters long dumplings.

Roll them in the hands in order to form balls.

Heat the seed oil in a pan about 22 cm large and with high edges.

Fry some chestnuts at a time, making them brown.

Place them on absorbent paper and serve with a sprinkling of icing sugar.

Good carnival everyone!

Recipe by Monica Bellin for Mulino Marello
Instagram: Monica_bellin_