Cake of apricot and coconut in a pan

Inserted by Rosa Rizzo the


Ingredients for a medium -sized pan

100 gr full rice flour Molino Marello

100 gr Fine corn flour for Molino Marello cakes

30 gr Cocco Rapè Bio

30 ml rice oil

200 ml about organic bio coconut rice drink

4 or 5 firm apricots

A teaspoon of organic natural yeast


Clean the apricots and cut them into chunks. If welcome and the consistency of the fruits allows it, the apricots of the peel has been deprived. Remember that in cooking the pulp of apricots becomes sweet, while the peel gives a slightly acidic note that some people may not like it. Add the rapé coconut, flour and natural yeast to the chocks of fruit. Add the oil and vegetable drink. Mix until you get a soft and sticky mixture. Take a non -stick pan, if you believe it is necessary, pour a drizzle of rice oil and roll out the dough. Cook for about 5 minutes over medium heat with the lid until the cake breaks easily. Using a dish addressed and complete the cooking on the other side this time without lid. If necessary, turn again and cook another 5 minutes over low heat. It must be an external crust possibly not burnt. Let cool and keep in the refrigerator. Consume cold. The interior of the return remains deliberately slightly humid due to the generous amount of fruit, but makes the cake from particularly pleasant served fresh as a dessert.


The oppressive heat of this summer is taking away the desire to do and cook. This, however, does not mean giving up eating in a genuine way and feeding only industrial food, it means instead finding easy, fast recipes that possibly do not transform our cuisine into a hot furnace.

This recipe does not ask for the use of the oven, but only of a good non -stick pan. It is prepared in 10 minutes, do not overheat the kitchen and allows us to obtain a genuine cake really suitable for every moment when we want. Ideal for breakfast with fresh fruit, but very good above all consumed cold as a dessert or as a snack for children.

The risk with the heat is to orient yourself towards the purchase rather than to do it, finding ourselves to abuse foods rich in sugars, fats and preservatives as often many gluten free products, but not only, they have. Especially sweet and welcome foods to children such as snacks, ice cream, puddings, fruity yogurt.

Try with your fine corn flours and full rice Mulino Marello, but also with the cake mixture, to make the preparation even faster (in this case it will serve 200 g of mixture). If the result satisfies you, you can vary using the imagination and replace the apricots with peaches or blueberries, replace the coconut with almond flour or cocoa. I also remember that this recipe is sugar without sugar and uses the natural sweetness of coconut, apricots and vegetable drink. If you are used to more intense tastes, add a spoonful of rice syrup or organic coconut sugar.

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