Double chocolate cake

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Ingredients for the base

200 gr Integral rice flour Marello mill

50 gr Buckwheat flour Mill Marello

50 gr bio almond flour

Half sachet of natural yeast

50 ml rice oil

A spoon of rice syrup (optional)

300 ml of vegetable rice beverage or organic rice / almond

50 gr dark chocolate minimum 72%

a tablespoon of carob or bio cocoa

Ingredients for cream

300 ml Rice milk or organic rice / almond

30 gr marrello mill rice semolina

A spoon of maple syrup

2 tablespoons of bitter bitter cocoa


Start with cocoa cream. In a saucepan mixed in the vegetable drink the flour, cocoa and maple syrup. Boil and thicken. Keep the cream aside and in the meantime prepare the cake. Mix the flours, the natural yeast, add the loose chocolate to Bagno Maria, the oil, the vegetable drink and if welcome a spoon of maple syrup. Pour into the pan, add the cream over the cream and cook to a180 degrees for about 40 minutes. Turn off the oven and rest the dessert for another 20 minutes. Cool and serve the dusted cake with almond or cocoa flour, cinnamon or accompany it with vegetable whipped cream.


When we choose to embrace a healthier lifestyle and we orient ourselves by choice or need towards gluten-free and towards recipes of vegetable origin or in any case both recipes without ingredients such as milk, derivatives and eggs that can cause intolerances and allergies, we understand What a renunciation or sacrifice are not necessary at all.

We can make delicious, delicious, satisfaction, which can also be consented among those who are used to more intense tastes and more artifacted products.

It really follows for everyone the possibility of enjoying a sweet greedy without sins of throat and without risking unpleasant side effects.

And right now Valentine's Day can be the appropriate opportunity to offer your partener a sweet like this, delicate, digestible, tasty to taste together without feeling guilty and without zavors in the stomach!

The ingredients are ever chosen from those aphrodisiacs par excellence and that is chocolate and almonds.

I remember in fact chocolate as long as dark It is a source of phenylethylamine, a substance that is also produced by our organism when we are in love and that releases dopamine in the centers of the pleasure of the brain. Stimulates feelings of excitement, attraction and euphoria thanks to tryptophan, important amino acid for the increase in serotonin, the main neurotransmitter for the production of pleasure and relaxation.

The almondsInstead, thanks to the important content of vitamin E, they act directly on sexual desire. It seems to be able to stimulate fertility and increase passion, especially in women. Already in the Middle Ages, the custom spread to give almond confetti with the wish for fertility and prosperity.

I would say that this cake is to try!

The union then between the soft base and the cream on the surface, creates one and a feeling of really pleasant general softness! And if you decide to present the cake with vegetable whipped cream to soy or a cocoa almond cream, the result is even more insured!

Article by Dr. Isabella Vendrame - Psychologist Food Coach, writer and disclosure.

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