Saracenotto with spinach, broccoli and walnuts

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Ingredients for 4 people

250 gr The Molino Marello Saracenotto

250 gr about frozen spinach

a small broccoli

Noci to taste

extra virgin olive oil to taste


Cook for boil in salted water the buckwheat for about 20 minutes, drain and keep the beans aside to be seasoned. Apart from in a pan, cook the spinach, season with salt and add the buckwheat wheat. Have dry on a high flame and let it cool. Serve with the broccoli peaks cooked with steam and walnuts. Complete with extra virgin olive oil.


The time to cook, we all know, is less and less to which the little desire is united dictated by the tiredness of the day of work and family commitments. This, however, does not mean eating badly or relying on ready, industrial and not very kind foods with our health. Just organize yourself.

Molino Marello Molino buckwheat grains are ideal for being cooked in the morning, while we have breakfast or while we wash and dress. Once drained they can be kept in the refrigerator even a couple of days, as you can do with other cereals such as rice.

When we go home for lunch or dinner it will only be enough to quickly cook the spinach (better fresh, but for convenience the frozen ones are also good) and swap the vegetables with the beans. If you want our Saracenotto is already delicious, with a drizzle of oil and crumbled walnuts above. To make the dish even more complete and nourishing, just add slightly cooked cabbage to the steam. I remember that the cabbage in this season are a precious ally of well -being and unite them in this way to our Saracenotto is an idea to have a light, satiating and easily digestible unique dish quickly.

Saracen buckwheat in beans is another habit of well -being to be consumed especially this season to strengthen and warm us. We learn at least once a week to use it to prepare not only tasty "Saracenotti", but also to use it as an ingredient for soups and porridge. Grain is rich in mineral salts such as iron, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium, vitamins of group B. Contains antioxidant details including the note rutin, ally of the circle and blood vessels.

A dish therefore, that of today, tasty and nourishing, ally of the intestine, purifying and energizing!

Recipe by Dr. Isabella Vendrame, Psychologist Food Coach,

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