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Ingredients for 4-5 pieces

200 gr Mix of natural flour for bread unleavened Mill Marello

250 g water

2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil

salt q.s.

a pinch of baking soda

4 artichokes

Cream Cheese Vegetable choice

Oregano q.s.


Put 50 g of mixture in a saucepan and add 200 ml of water at ambient temperatures. Stir over high heat until it thickens and the mixture becomes sticky, without reaching a boil. Turn off the dim and cool. Meanwhile, cook the sliced artichokes steamed or fried. Combine the sticky cooled with the remaining 150 grams of flour and the remaining water, add the oil, salt and knead. If necessary, use rice flour to help. Heat a medium nonstick skillet diameter and with the fingers help one another to stretch the dough. Alternatively, roll out with a rolling pin and carefully shows the dough in the pan. Cook a few minutes until it is detached from the bottom, rigiratela and cook. If necessary rigiratela wishful times to give it color. Serve with vegetable cream cheese and artichokes. Season with olive oil and oregano.


I tried to make several recipes for gluten-free tortillas.

This is because the wraps are a popular recipe, tasty and I add also convenient to solve a lunch or a picnic. In the market there are various industrial, but honestly are often full of thickeners, sugars and aromas and the taste is artifact.

As we all know we eat gluten-free, it is not easy to get a paste that ensures sealing, can be crisp and at the same time "bendable". I usually always found to be either too crispy and this prevented me from bending without breaking or too soft, more like a crepe than a piadina. With this mixture instead I had a great time. The result is meanwhile tasty and pleasant, then allows both to fold or roll the flatbread as much as to be enjoyed to the plate perceiving compact and crisp. Must try then! This is possible thanks to the water roux, A sort of pre dough, a starter based precisely of flour and water which has the purpose of facilitating the realization of bakery products giving stickiness and softness.

To stuff it I leave you to the fantasy of course!

My invitation is always to favor vegetables and vegetable ingredients, not only for ethical choice, but as self-care and well-being. The taste will, I guarantee!

Try my idea with the vegetable cheese made from soy, rice or cashews and add the artichokes, fine and tasty winter vegetable.

This way you have a light meal and digestible, that certainly does not give you the pesatezza digestive instead involves a flat bread stuffed with mozzarella and / or salami!

Article by Dr. Isabella Vendrame - Psychologist Food Coach, writer and disclosure.

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