Pancakes with spinach and flax seeds

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150 gr Mixture of natural flours for Crepes Mill Marello

150 grams of fresh or frozen spinach

About 300 ml of water

1 teaspoon of bio flax seed flour or ground flax seeds

1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil

half a teaspoon of bicarbonate

Salt up to Q.B.


We prepare a batter with water, oil, flax seeds, natural yeast, flour and regoliamo of salt. Let it rest about 30 minutes and in the meantime cook the spinach. Squeeze them, add them to the batter and blend everything. Heat a small diameter non-stick pan, if necessary, unghe it with a drizzle of oil and pour enough batter with the ladle to form the pancake. Cook a couple of minutes until the mixture comes off naturally, turn it up and complete the cooking.

The pancake in its sweet version represents the most beloved and widespread breakfast from the Americans. This simple recipe originated however in ancient Greece where he was prepared with only flour and water. The Romans were then to enrich the dough with milk, eggs and spices.

The Americans abound of maple syrup and icing sugar, clearing these sweet pancakes as an ideal meal for the branch.

It is precisely with the spread of this new habit of the weekend to join breakfast and lunch together, which even from us the pancakes have become famous and increasingly widespread.

The ability to customize them and make them gluten-free and vegetable, so digestible and make them a recipe in line with our well-being is absolutely difficult, especially thanks to the mixture of natural marello mill flours for crepes.

The dough remains soft and elastic by not making the need for gluten meal feel.

My recipe is in a salted version, very simple, enriched with spinach and flax seeds.

These pancakes can be consumed like this, with fresh vegetables, or stuffed with a chickpea hummus or an avocado cream.

Article by Dr. Isabella Vendrame - Psychologist Food Coach, writer and disclosure.

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