Muffin sweet pumpkin and almonds

Inserted by Rosa Rizzo the

Ingredients for 6 muffins

130 gr Integral rice flour Marello mill

120 gr Buckwheat flour Mill Marello

Half sachet of natural yeast based on bicarbonate and cream tartar

250 ml of organic rice milk

About 200 grams of delica pumpkin

40 ml of rice oil

50 gr bio almonds


Steamed the pumpkin and blend it together with vegetable drink and almonds. In a bowl mix the flours, natural yeast, oil and add the pumpkin smoothie and almonds. It must be a creamy compound. Pour it in muffin molds and, if you wish, garnish with black sesame seeds!

Have you ever tried to use the pumpkin to make your desserts?

It is a really perfect ingredient since it gives softness to the dough, it does not make us feel the lack of eggs and, moreover, it gives a natural sweetness without forcing ourselves to additions of sugars or other sweeteners.

Little calorie with only 17 calories every 100 gr, the pumpkin is a great source of vitamins A, and, C, of ​​minerals such as potassium (more than bananas!), Zinc, magnesium, copper and selenium and antioxidants. In fact, like all vegetables and fruits of orange, the pumpkin is full of betacharotene useful to counteract aging and macular degeneration, protect the circulatory system and, together with lycopene, prevent cancer.

The abundance of fibers make it allied in the event of constipation, while the presence of amino acids and in particular of the tryptophan that helps the body produce serotonin, make it indicated for those suffering from anxiety and insomnia because it facilitates relaxation and good mood.

For the dough I have chosen to mix the flour of integrals of rice and buckwheat, for a soft and tasty result, a fiber concentration, protein from high biological value, vitamins and minerals.

The almonds add a touch of crunchiness, while the sesame black seeds make these sweets particularly curious and welcome to children for a healthy and greedy breakfast.

Article by Dr. Isabella Vendrame - Psychologist Food Coach, writer and disclosure.

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