Vegetable Russian salad with green beans

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Ingredients for 2 people

150 ml Water or bio rice drink

2 tablespoons of rice semolina Mill Marello

salt up integral q.b.

3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil

turmeric q.b.

Half lemon juice

200 grams of potatoes

150 grams of fresh green beans

150 grams of carrots


Let's start with the vegetable mayonnaise mixing in a saucepan or vegetable drink with rice flour and salt. Turn on the fire and boil until it has reached a good consistency.

Turn off the fire, add the oil, a lemon splash, a pinch of turmeric or alternative curry or mustard and blend for a couple of minutes. Cool in the refrigerator a couple of hours. Meanwhile, blanched in a little water for about 10 minutes the vegetables cut into small pieces. Be careful that you don't cook too much. Drain and rinse with cold water. When everything has cooled add vegetables to vegetable mayonnaise, stir and serve.

Do you know that the Russian salad is called Italian salad in Germany and white salad in Lithuania?

It seems that this recipe, as many others, was born as a random combination of ingredients by a Belgian cook and a diner in a luxurious French restaurant in Moscow. Over the years the ingredients changed and caviar, crab and partridge were soon replaced by carrots and peas.

Today I offer you my review in a vegetable key that will make this classic summer dish very digestible, not very fat and really suitable for everyone, certainly not the prerogative only of those who have chosen vegan diet.

We privilege the homemade preparations and buying raw materials to industrial products treated and rich in preservatives, fats, thickeners, aromas and sugars.

In a truly rapid way we can get a tasty and delicate Russian salad to take to the table not as an appetizer, as the tradition suggests, but as a single dish together with an abundant mixed salad, to steamed potatoes or to stuff a piadina made with flour Of Integral Rice Mill Marello.

Article by Dr. Isabella Vendrame - Psychologist Food Coach, writer and disclosure.

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