Vegan potato dumplings with tomato and flax seeds

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Ingredients for 4 people

1 kg of potatoes

150 grams of rice flour full rice mill Marello

About 100 grams of grain flour Mill Marello

organic tomato pulp

Fresh basil Q.B.

Bio bio flax seeds Q.B.

Extra virgin olive oil Q.B.

Cook the vapor potatoes or boil them and crush them once cold with masher. Add the flours and mixed. Evaluate you based on the potatoes used if you need to use other flour. In this case and also to form the rolls help yourself with other integral rice flour. Form the gnocchi of the desired size. Dive into boiling water and cook them until they come to the surface. Serve them with tomato sauce, basil and ground flax seeds.

Gnocchi are a very loved dish from us Italians. There are those who still have the habit of making them at home, maybe Thursday as a tradition suggests, or there are those who buy them from the pasta or those who prefer those of the supermarket.

Today there is the possibility of finding them easily gluten-free, but compared to the industrial ones, homemade gnocchi are a whole thing.

I am the dish of simplicity and often bring us back to our childhood.

In fact, I chose proportionately in a classic version both in the dough as in the seasoning. Today, in fact you can find gnocchi recipes, even without gluten and vegans, with pumpkin and chestnuts, with leaf flours, seasoned with many imaginative sauces ... Buonissimi and inviting, to try, of course, but in the end, do not deny it, we have a weakness For traditional ones, for tomato potato gnocchi, or ragù if we eat meat.

A recipe in short, which at home, even and above all in a house where you eat gluten-free and vegetable should never be missing!

The dough is very simple, only flour and potatoes, facilitated by thin mill flour of the Marello mill that helps the estate. The eggs are not necessary, of course, "gluing", but you can get a good result equally and more, the dish is very digestible.

The foresight is to find the right potatoes, usually those drier and farose, poor of water and white paste, specifications for gnocchi. Let's cook entire and peel them only later so they don't absorb too much water.

And finally, we are aware that it is not a question of sodium gnocchi such as the industrial ones, among other things often made with only flakes and potato starches as well as thickers, but of a genuine product made at home, therefore tender and delicate, to be treated with Care and savor up to the last bite!

Article by Dr. Isabella Vendrame - Psychologist Food Coach, writer and disclosure.

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