Sweet pancakes of rice and cinnamon

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A simple recipe for preparing naturally gluten -free genuine sweets, vegans and decidedly light.

Ingredients for about 15 pieces

150 gr of Carnaroli white rice mill Marello

About 700 ml of rice drink

50 gr oat flakes or advanced gluten -free biscuits

Three tablespoons of raisins

a spoonful of rice or maple syrup

a spoonful of cinnamon powder

Bio lemon zest

A pinch of salt until full


In a saucepan, cooked the rice on the vegetable rice drink for about 20-30 minutes. Add the cinnamon, a pinch of salt, the lemon zest, the raisins in a way with the heat can release their sweetness and the rice or maple syrup. Cook until completely absorbed. Let cool at least half an hour at room temperature. Add the oat flakes or advanced biscuits to the rice you have in the house chopped with the chopper or crumbled with your hands in the case of the biscuits. Mix well, crush the rice a little with the fork. With the help of a spoonfuls formed balls, if desired, crush them a little with your hands giving the desired shape and put on the oven pan. Cook for about 20 minutes with ventilated option. Alternatively, rice pancakes can be fried in plenty of seed oil. Serve warm with plenty of cinnamon. Ideal to be combined with a delicious homemade pastry custard.


Sweet cinnamon rice pancakes was the dessert that my grandmother usually prepared for carnival together with the "Venetian Fritle with the raisins". His recipes date back to the times of the war and has always remained faithful to the use of simple ingredients and decidedly genuine and natural flavors.

In Canevale every region and each family has its own recipes of the heart, a thousand small variants and many different names. The same rice pancakes are customary in different regions, those who prepare them for this party, who, instead, for St. Joseph.

Sweet rice pancakes are strictly fried and strictly full of sugar.

I chose to make a decidedly light and completely vegetable version, that in this way lends itself to be consumed for breakfast, as much as a snack or as a dessert. These sweet rice pancakes are easily digestible and do not create guilt.

I thought of preparing them as an opportunity to use the Carnaroli rice mill Marello in a different way. His soft and substantial beans, rich in starch, lend themselves wonderfully for a recipe like this. In addition to being the proposal to make gluten -free and genuine sweets suitable for the whole family in a new way. With fantasy these baked rice sweet pancakes can be spread with jam or almond cream, or covered in a delicious way with melted dark chocolate.

Recipe by Dr. Isabella Vendrame, Psychologist Food Coach, www.isabellavendrame.com

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