Sorghum tart at cherries and coconut

Inserted by Rosa Rizzo the



150 gr Sorghum Mill Mill

50 gr Integral rice flour Marello mill

40 ml rice oil or corn

half a teaspoon of bicarbonate

juice and rind of half a bio lemon

100 ml of water

2 or 3 tablespoons of coconut sugar

Compote of organic cherries or cherry without sugar added Q.B.

20 cherries about

3 tablespoons of coconut rapè bio


Prepare the pastry by mixing the flour in a bowl, baking soda together with lemon juice and rind, coconut sugar, oil and water. Mix yourself and if necessary add another water or integral rice flour. Spread the pasta on the toritera and keep the high edges. Stuff with the compote. Kitchen at 180 degrees for about 20 minutes. Cool complete with cherries in pieces added to raw and a generous coconut sprinkle rapè. Stored in the refrigerator.

The beautiful thing about the tarts is that we can customize them based on the season.

June is undoubtedly the month of cherries and we cannot miss the opportunity to prepare this tasty and simple tart.

Ideal for breakfast along with a cup of carcadè to fill up with precious antioxidants, but also for a cool and genuine summer dessert.

The cherries are rich in minerals in a particular way of potassium, very precious to recover energy after sport or a generous sweaty and reinvigorate muscles and nerves.

They are purified, slightly laxative, slow down the aging of the skin, they are beneficial to the circle and seem to counter bad LDL cholesterol.

Little caloric (40 kcal per 100 gr) The cherries can also be consumed by those who follow a low-calorie diet, obviously without exaggerating and not going over 200 grams a day. They contain a sugar, levulosium, from the low glycemic index, which makes this fruit suitable for those with blood sugar problems.

Try them in coconuts for a very pleasant contrast of flavors. Let us hit our summer recipes to use coconut rapè, those scales obtained from the dried fruit pulp, now easily available. Source of selenium, copper and manfanese, a really valuable help for the beauty of skin and hair.


Article by Dr. Isabella Vendrame - Psychologist Food Coach, writer and disclosure.


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