Budwing cream with blueberry and buckwheat

Inserted by Rosa Rizzo the

Ingredients for a person

A spoonful of Molino Marello Marello Matinatto chicchi

A jar of almond yogurt or yogurtless sugar -free yogurt

A teaspoon of organic flax seed oil

A teaspoon of bio chia seeds

Half lemon juice

Half a blueberry tray

A tablespoon of dried or soaked goji berries


Emulsify with a fork the yogurt with flax oil and chia seeds. Add the lemon juice, goji berries and blueberries. With a grinding grind, reduce the buckwheat beans to flour and complete. Serve at room temperature. If you want to anticipate the cream with other seasonal fruit such as More and Lamponi or a small bunch of summer grapes.


Finding the recipe for a healthy breakfast that gives support, energy, satin and rewarding is not easy. In summer we particularly need it to face the day of work lucidity or to better enjoy our holidays without energy drops and hunger attacks.

Surely many you have heard of the Budwig cream, also known as the Kousmine breakfast. The Kousmine method was born from the studies of Dr. Russian Kousmine who takes into consideration the human being in his entirety, highlighting a stroke correlation between food and illness.

This cream is certainly not a miraculous recipe, but a balanced dish rich in nutrients. It can represent a starting point to develop a new awareness and open up to the consumption of new ingredients and above all of living food.

It is an extremely flexible recipe since it is declining according to our tastes, the ingredients we have at home and the seasons.

The base is always a natural natural yogurt without added sugars, alternatively one of almond can also be fine. To this is added a teaspoon of linen oil to be emulsified with care, a necessary step to soften the particular flavor of linseed oil. This is appropriate to be of quality and possibly than those kept in the fridge counter, more intact from a nutritional point of view. Alternatively, a teaspoon of flax seeds can be fine possibly at the moment. To this cream you can add seeds or dried fruit such as sunflower or almond seeds, dried fruit such as raisins or a dictate with chunks or half -crushed banana with the aim of sweetening and making this recipe even more pleasant. We proceed with a cereal or pseudocereal such as buckwheat, oats or full rice to be used raw and grind at the moment. Finally, it is completed with the juice of half a lemon and the addition of other pieces of seasonal fruit.

The version that I propose is typically summer and sees a particular cheerful and tasty note in the blueberries and berries. The base a sugar -free almond yogurt mixed with flax oil, chia seeds and lemon. I used the buckwheat grains Molino Marello that I ground at the moment with a small macinine like a simple grinder.

A good and fresh breakfast, very satiating and energetic.

Recipe by Dr. Isabella Vendrame, Psychologist Food Coach, www.isabellavendrame.com

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