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Ingredients for about fifteen pieces

250 gr. Wheat flour Saracen Mulino Marello

half spoon of bicarbonate

40 ml of rice or maize oil

About 100 ml of rice or almond plant drink

1 spoon of organic ground linseed

1 or 2 spoons of coconut sugar

consisting of viscous without added organic sugar


About half an hour before preparing the dough pour into a glass three spoons of vegetable drink and the spoon of flax seeds. Let it rest and form the mucilage. In a bowl mix the flour with the bicarbonate, the rice oil, the linen seed compound, the remaining vegetable drink and coconut sugar. Amalgamated to obtain an easily workable and non-sticky compound. Lay it out with the doughnut and cut the biscuits with a round mould of about two cm thick. In the center pour half a spoon of viscose composition, close the edges and cook in the oven in 180 degrees for about 20 minutes.

The smell of Saracen wheat when he cooks in the oven is a wonderful thing! More than other flours, this releases an intense and inviting aroma, have you ever noticed?

Useful advice

Very quickly thanks to this recipe we can make really nutritious breakfast cookies. Rich in fibers and plant proteins, they saturate and provide energy throughout the morning. Practical and fast, they require nothing more than to be accompanied by a cup of vegetable drink or lemon tea, perfect for those who wake up in the morning at the last moment and devote little time to this moment.

The taste is very rustic because I have chosen not to mix the Saracen wheat flour with other This is done, for example, to increase consistency and counteract the particular taste of pseudo-cereal. This thanks to the fact that the Saracen flour Mulino Marello is very delicate in taste compared to others and the thin grinding ensures an excellent keeping even on its own!

If you want to reduce the flavour of Saracen, just halve the dose and replace the rest with whole rice or sorghum flour.


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Article by Dr. Isabella Vendrame- food coach psychologist, writer and publicist.

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