3 vegetable recipes with pumpkin

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  1. Bread tugs
  2. Lasagna pumpkin and turmeric
  3. Brownes pumpkin and fondant

I think there is no more versatile vegetable in the kitchen of the pumpkin!

From velvets to risottos, dumplings to lasagna, baked or steamed, raw in salad or juice, but also meatballs and vegetable patties up to cake recipes and spoon creams. Just go to your own tastes and adapt to our pleasure this wonderful gift from the garden.

Pumpkin is a great source ofVitamins A, E, C, of ​​minerals such as potassium (more than bananas!), zinc, magnesium, copper and selenium and antioxidants. 

In fact, like all orange vegetables and fruits, the pumpkin is rich inBetaCaroteneUseful to combat aging and macular degeneration, to protect the circulatory system and, together with lycopene, to prevent cancer.

Plenty offibermake it allied in case of constipation, while the presence of amino acids and in particular of thetryptophanWhich helps the body produce serotonin, make it indicated for those suffering from anxiety and insomnia because it facilitates relaxation and good mood. 

It cannot therefore be missing from our tables, especially in this particular period in which we are subjected to stress, anxiety and we need to reinforce our immune system. 

Color and joy, sweetness and nourishment, at any time of the day. 

I thought about three pumpkin-based recipes that were original, genuine and suitable for the tastes and needs of the whole family ... like theBread tugs, sandwiches with taste and to the shape of pumpkin. To be filled as we want, for example with a cream of peas, mushrooms Champignon and rocket, to stay on the vegetable.

TherePumpkin and turmeric lasagna, from a wonderfully intense color thanks to the addition of this beneficial spice, prepared with rice and corn sheets and a vegetable béchamel based on integral rice. Because lasagna can also be so simple, without the need for butter, milk or cheese, extremely light and digestible. And he couldn't miss a sweet, yes because the pumpkin has the value to help us replace our sweeteners or at least reduce the addition of sugar or other syrups. The coupled with chocolate then is really a winner, I guarantee it, not only as a sensory experience, but also for the immediate positive effect on mood! Try these brownes with pumpkin and fondant, with a truly amazing flavor and consistency! To be enjoyed in a snack with children and boys or for an exquisite dessert.

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Article by Dr. Isabella Vendrame - Psychologist Food Coach, writer and disclosure.
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