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Discover 3 simple recipes of fresh vegetable and gluten-free pasta ...

  1. Gnocchetti to spinach, oil, sage and tomato
  2. Malcut pasta to zucchini and saffron
  3. Toned dumplings with peas with cream and linseed


Preparing from us the fresh pasta, as much as dumplings, tortellini, cannelloni, gnocchi or lasagne, is always a nice satisfaction!

The need or simply the choice to eat gluten-free probably has prompted us even more to do, to roll up our sleeves and to experiment to find the goodness of these dishes.

Recipes that make so much home, simplicity, that smells of matting and flour.

This blend Mulino Marello allows us to find all this in an extreme genuine way, teaching us that when there is quality, passion and maestria, you can come less to the use of those addensms so prevalent among gluten-free products.

I will tell you that, even opting for a completely plant-based choice, it is possible to achieve a more than satisfactory result.

My gnocchetti, for example, harnessed the spinach in place of the eggs, thus obtaining an original first dish, simple and extreme delicate of flavour and digestion.

As pasta I chose to do in my own way, because the pasta made in the house according to me is even more good if imperfect and unsettling! We keep in mind that certain long formats such as noodles and noodles without eggs or tires risk breaking into cooking ... and so, or opting for catchy and other short formats, or simply lay with the matting, striped tagestnuts and touching different length and width.

Ravioli and tortellini absolutely do not require eggs in the dough and not even of cheese or ricotta for the filling. Digeribilies, tasty, really a pleasure at the palate.

We treat in a simple way, adding the oil to raw, we prefer vegetables and seeds of hemp, flax, sesame, poppy or chia in place of the parmigiano.

Nature can offer us wonderful cues, especially now that the spring has made its entrance!

Article in the care of Dr. Isabella Vendrame-psychologist food coach, writer and publicist.



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