Vegetables in corn batter

Inserted by Rosa Rizzo the



3 medium eggs (at room temperature)

100g corn flour The Crunchy Mill Marello

3g of salt

4g of turmeric powder

1g of black powder powder

5g of dry marjoram

25g of grated cheese

1 medium red pepper

1 medium yellow pepper

1 big zucchini

1 media carrot

1 small broccoli

To boil: 1 vegetable nut

Fry: Sunflower oil Q.B.


We begin by boiling water on the fire using a large pot, we add the nut and cover it with a semi-screen lid. Let's wash the vegetables and start cleaning them and cut them. Allow them all for the long so as to derive parts all the same with each vegetable (as a monster in the videorice). When we have cut them all in equal parts, place them in a large bowl. Now let's boil them for 15/20 minutes adding them to the water together with the nut.

From time to time we mix the vegetables to control them (we keep the cover always half-closed). When they are ready, let's take a large bowl and let's go over a colander. Take the vegetables, drolts and put them in the bowl together with the colander, so as to drop all the excess water.

Let's cool them. Now we prepare the batter. We put the eggs, the salt, the black pepper, turmeric, marjoram, the grated cheese and mix with a whisk in a bowl. Now we add little to a time (50g before and 50g after) cornmeal, sifting it half with a sieve (so as to make it finer) and throwing it by hand with a whisk.

The consistency must be beautiful and full-bodied. Now let's go from the oil for fry put in a pan (or pot) previously, and with a bit of water we check that it is hot and ready to fry our vegetables (1 or 2 drops will suffice).

Little to a time we take our cold vegetables (3/4 at a time) and add them into the batter, covering them well and shaking them after covering them, so as to remove the excess batter. Let's put them in the oil to fry and we continue with all the vegetables.

From time to time with a fork, we mix and turn over the vegetables covered with batter found in the oil, so as not to burn them and in order to make them become beautiful golden in both sides. When the vegetables in batter they will be beautiful golden drain and put them over a plate with a little scottex over a plate ...

Ready to be enjoyed!

Recipe in collaboration with Darlyn Mendola

Intagram: @Glutenfreewonderland