Inserted by Rosa Rizzo the

2 Melanzane
120 g Grated cheese
2 Average eggs
1 garlic scrap
Black pepper q.b.
Salt to q.b.
Draw q.b.
Seed oil for frying


Wash the eggplants and cook them in a pre-heated oven at 200th for one hour. Once cooked, let them cool and remove the skin and the small. Place the pulp in a flask and squeeze slightly with a fork to eliminate excess liquid. Transfer the pure eggplant into a bowl, combine the eggs and add a pound of crushed garlic. Add both the Pan Sorgo and the grated cheese, salt, pepper and crushed parsley and add it to the mixture. Mix everything with your hands until the ingredients are mixed. Once ready form round meatballs the size of a walnut, which you will pass in the Pan Sorgo. Heat the oil in a pot, once hot dip a few pieces at a time until they become gold on both sides. Rest on frying paper, serve hot.