Polenta Amor Cake

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Our maize flour for polenta is also suitable for the preparation of sweets such as the "Polenta Amor", a typical sweet of the Lombard tradition, especially the city of Varese ...

Ingredients for a 33 cm x 6.6 mold. X 12.2

150 g of Polenta Floretto Mill Marello
140 g Mixture of natural flours for cakes
110 g Almond flour
180 g granulated sugar
150 g butter
3 medium eggs
10 g Yeast for cakes
Half vanilla bean seeds
1 teaspoon of rum (optional)
1 pinch of salt


Work butter at room temperature with sugar with electric whips until a foamy compound is created.
Add an egg at a time being careful to have absorbed the previous one before. Incorporate vanilla seeds, rum (optional) and salt up.

Incorporate the flour polenta, the almond flour and finally the mixture of gluten-free flours for sifted cakes with yeast.

Butter and flour the mold and pour the dough.
Level it well with a spatula and cook at 170 degrees for about 45/50 minutes
(Check the cooking with the toothpick test, it will be ready when the toothpick will be completely dry after extracting it from the cake).

Let it cool, remove it from the mold and decorate it with icing sugar.
Gluten Free Version of Polenta Amor Cake
Recipe created for Marello mill from Stefania Fracasso of flavors clouds


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