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200 g of Fine rice flour Mulino Marello ( Or Blend of natural flours for Torte Mulino Marello)

2 eggs

60 g sugar

70 g butter

300 ml milk

1 teaspoon vanillin

half a teaspoon of yeast (optional)


Whip the egg whites to snow gently.

Apart from whipping the yolks with the sugar, add the melted butter intiepidito, then combine the egg whites, milk, flour, vanillin and yeast and stir until you get a creamy dough.

Gradually pour the mixture into the plate and cookfor about 5 minutesThe.

Cool and serve with maple syrup or jam.

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  • Salve, per fare i waffel io non ho la piastra ma gli stampini in silicone…posso usare ugualmente questa ricetta? Come variano i tempi di cottura in forno?

    Regina on date

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