Shortbread roses cake without butter

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Ingredients for a 20 cm diameter cake pan

220 g of Mixture of natural flours for tarts and Marello mill biscuits

1 egg (weight of 60 g)

48 g of albume

50 g of rice or corn oil

30 g of coconut sugar

10 g of bitter cocoa powder

70-80 g of water

5 g of psillio cuticle

½ teaspoon of powdered baking powder

Natural essence of vanilla

To stuff:

apricot compote

Cream of hazelnuts and vegan cocoa


Prepare gluten-free shortbread: pour the Marello mill mixture for tarts and cookies into a bowl and add psillion powder. Mix for good. In another bowl mix the egg and the egg white with the sugar and join the compound to the flour. Also add the oil, the essence of vanilla, the yeast and half dose of water. Start kneading until you get a soft scrap. If necessary, add a few tablespoons of water taken from the total. Divide the mixture obtained in 2 equal parts. On one side add the bitter cocoa powder and, if necessary, even a few tablespoons of water.

Because it is a fridge to the oil, the rest in the fridge will not be necessary.

Then stretch out the light dough and with the help of a paste cup of 9 cm in diameter or a cup, obtain 3 circles of the same size. Arrange the rims one after another and superimposing only the ends, pressing with the fingertips to join them. Distribute the hazelnut cream (avoiding to arrive at the edges) on the rims joined and roll up. Once a rose is obtained, cut it in half to get 2 roses. Continue the same way, until the two frosts are exhausted (I have stuffed the cocoa shortbread with the apricot jam).

Arrange the roses on the pan, alternating colors and trying to get them as much as possible, to avoid empty spaces.

Bake roses cake at 180 degrees for 15 minutes.

Arrange on a serving dish and serve.


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