Cake to my gluten-free

Inserted by Rosa Rizzo the



235 grMixture of Natural Flours for Mulino Marello Cake

2 eggs

80 gr of seed oil

1 yeast sachet for gluten-free sweets

250 gr. cold fruit extract

1 apple


First thing we do is light the static oven at 180th.

In a pot we put an egg with 25 gr of flour taken from the total and mix with care not to form lumps.

We wire the extract and bring it to the fire.

Let's keep the fire to a minimum and boil it constantly by mixing.

Once it has become a cream, let's put it in a deep dish and let it cool down.


In the meantime, we wash an apple, remove the torso and cut into very thin slices. These will be used for decoration.

I used a red apple and left the skin for color contrast.

In a bowl we break an egg and mix with seed oil.

When the cream has cooled, we add it to the oil and eggs and mix well.

We add flour and yeast little by little.

Let's pour the compound into an oiled and infamous mould.

We add the slices of previously cut apple and arrange them to radiate.

Inform for 55 minutes.

Always test the stick before baking the cake.

Receipt in collaboration with Giulia Morando

Instagram: @mammapassionecucina



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