Tasty Sacher frames with gluten-free crumble and no butter

Inserted by Rosa Rizzo the

Ingredients for a square cake of 16 cm

70 gr. Mixture of natural flour for Mulino Marello cakes

14 gr of bitter cocoa powder

20 gr of almond flour

40.gr. of erythema (or sugar)

half a bag of yeast per dolci

Natural vanilla essence

50 gr of rice oil

2 large eggs

70 gr of vegetable drink (almonds or soya)

To fill:

packaging of apricots q.b.

For the crumble

50 gr of natural flour mixtures for Mulino Marello cakes

10 gr of almond flour

30 gr of rice oil

25 gr. of maple syrup (or honey)

25 gr of melting chocolate


Prepare the crumble: pour the mixture of flour into a bowl, add almond flour, rice oil and maple syrup and work with the tips of your fingers until you form crumbs. Put it in the fridge.

Crush the melting chocolate and put it away.

Prepare the basis for cocoa: rinse the eggs in a bowl, add the erythrol and mix with a hand whip to mix. Add the oil and vanilla and mix again, then the mixture of Mulino Marello flour, the seared cocoa with the yeast and almond flour, alternating them with the vegetable drink. Get a dense compound.

Light the oven and let it preheat in 170 degrees.

Fuck the mould with the baking paper and cover the base with half a dose of dough. Cook for twelve minutes. Extract the pan and check that the cake is cooked on the surface. Cover with a layer of confectionery, staying away from the edges at least one centimetre, with the rest of the dough, crumble crumbs and melting chocolate rinds.

Inform again and let cook for another 12-15 minutes.

It's worth the stick test.

Once cold, place the dessert on a plate and cut into squares.

Store in a cake carrier and consume within three to four days.

Recipe made for Mulino Marello by Letizia of the blog Senza is good https://www.senzaebuono.it/


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