Inserted by Rosa Rizzo the


40 gr White sorghum flour Marello mill

150 gr egg whites

60 gr Greek yogurt without lactose

1 pizzico bicarbonate

1 teaspoon lemon juice

4 strawberries

Two tablespoons gluten -free jam


Put 4 strawberries cut into small pieces and one in larger pieces in a bowl to decorate, add a sugar spoon and a half tablespoon of lemon juice.

In the bowl put the egg white and with a whip, work it for a couple of minutes, must not mount, add Greek yogurt and mix well well, a spoon at a time add the flour mixing very well without forming lumps, always with a whisk, while flour exhaustion .

Add a pinch bicarbonate and on a teaspoon of lemon juice in this way creates chemical reaction then mix well with the whisk, an alternative way not to use the yeast.

Heat a low pan, adapt the one from Cres or piadine, heat it without anything, when nice hot lower flame and add a little mixture to size to your taste, a few seconds and you can turn it, other seconds and it is ready, let it cool down .

Three days are kept in the fridge

If you do many doses, cool and close one by one with food veil and you can frozen.

Heat the jam lightly, stuff pancake, one above the other, last above a light layer jam, decorate over larger pieces of strawberries and the others all around, sprinkle with strawberry juice and add a mint leaf.

Recipe in collaboration with Silvia Cantergiani

Instagram: @Cucarerconlafigiggioredaria


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