Inserted by Rosa Rizzo the


40 gr White Sorgo flour Mulino Marello

150 gr albums

60 gr Greek yogurt without lactose

1 pinch bicarbonate

1 teaspoon juice of lemon

4 strawberries

Two teaspoons gluten-free confectable


Put in a bowl 4 strawberries cut to bits and one to bigger pieces to decorate, add a sugar spoon and a half spoon juice of lemon.

In the bowl, put the egg white and whip it up for a couple of minutes, do not have to mount, add Greek yogurt and make it amalgamate well, a spoon at a time add the flour amalgamating perfectly well without forming lumps, always with a whip, until exhaustion flour.

Add a bicarbonate pinch and over a teaspoon juice of lemon in this way creates chemical reaction then amalgamate well with the whip, alternative way of not using the yeast.

Heat a low pan, fit that from creps or piadines, make it warm without anything, when nice warm lower flame and add a bit of compound to size to your own taste, a few seconds and you can turn it around, other seconds and it's ready, make it cool.

In the fridge you keep three days

If you do many doses, make cool and close one to one with food velin and you can freeze.

Lightly heat the confecent, butterfly pancake, one above the other, last above a slight confectable layer, decorate above with pieces of larger strawberries and the others all around, spraying with strawberry juice and adding a mint leaf.


Recipe in collaboration with Silvia Cantergiani

Instagram : @cucinareconlafriggitriceadaria


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