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100 g ofMixture for Torte Mulino Marello
100 g of White rice flour fine Mulino Marello        1 medium egg (slashed weight 50 g)
10 g of butter
80 g of veil sugar
1 vanilla berry
lemon the grated dezion of ½
1 pinch halls of amarene q.b. confecent salt for butterfly


To prepare your gluten-free bue eyes put in a bowl all the ingredients and work with your hands until you are all absorbed.
Once the compound you will have joined it on a sheet of baked paper ; coat it with another sheet of baking paper and lay it down to a thickness of about 2-3 mm servendoti of a matterstick.
Stacca from both sides the sheets of baked paper and with a diameter 10 cm coppapauction will receive 12 circles.

Helping you with another coppapauction of the diameter of 5 cm hole 6 circles at the center by getting rings.
To form each ox eye will serve you a circle of whole frowl and a ring. In order to get all the silhouettes dough and stove the clips again, as you get the circles and the aday rings on a plaque lined with baked paper and forcibly at 175 ° for about 15 -18, until golden.
At the end of cooking it leaves your biscuits to cool completely, take a frowl ring and put a spoon of the confecent so that you can make the ring adhere to the base and fill the void at the center.
Spoil the eyes of bue with plenty of sugar to veil and gustles in all their goodness.

Recipe in collaboration with Lucrezia Cianciulli

Instagram : @ricette_di_lu



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