Gluten-free galets with apricots

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Ingredients for the base 

300 g Mixture of natural flours for tarts and Marello mill biscuits

100 g cold butter in pieces

85 G icy water

15 g honey

25 g icing sugar

20 g rice oil (or various seeds at your leisure)

Ingredients for filling

2 tablespoon of apricot jam

6/8 Medium apricots pitted and cut into medium thickness

Before baking

Mix of an egg yolk and a tablespoon of milk

Cane sugar to taste


Put the mixture of sifted flour in the planetary bowl together with very cold butter.

Add iced water, honey, sugar and rice oil. Create a homogeneous mixture.

Top up a worktop fast form a dough, cover it with food film and let it rest in the refrigerator for at least an hour.

Once the rest is completely spread the dough on a baking paper sheet creating a round puff with a diameter of about 24 cm. Brush the surface with the jam and place the slices of radial apricots by leaving four centimeters along the edge.

Fold the edges on yourself and brush them with the mix of egg yolk and milk.

Sprinkle the edge with cane sugar to taste.

Preheat the oven at 180 degrees Static mode (restore the gallette in the refrigerator until the oven has reached the temperature)

Cook at 180 degrees for about 45 minutes.

Churn out and let it cool completely before serving.


Recipe created for Mill Marello from Stefania Fracasso of flavor clouds
Instagram: @nuvolisaporistefania


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