Cocoa crumbled tart with custard

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Ingredients for a 22 cm diameter tart

For cocoa shortbread

345 g Mix of flours for tarts and Marello mill biscuits

40 g cocoa bitter powder

200 g butter

150 g granulated sugar

2 medium eggs

For the custard

500 g milk

40 g corn starch (or rice starch)

150 g egg yolk

150 g granulated sugar

1 vanilla berry (seeds)



In a saucepan warming the milk.

Apart from a bowl working with a hand whip the egg yolks with sugar and vanilla.

Add the corn starch and mix well.

Just the milk will have taken boil add the mixture of egg yolks, sugar and vanilla. Mix the cream to thicken. Repore it in a bowl and cover it with food film.

Allow in the fridge.

Meanwhile prepare the pastry.

Sifting the blend of gluten-free flours for tarts and marello mill biscuits with bitter cocoa in the planetary bowl.

Add the cold butter and operate until you create a sandy mixture.

Incorporate eggs one at a time and last sugar.

Work up to create a homogeneous mixture.

Divide the dough into two parts. One with a weight of 550, the other with the remainder.

The smallest part wrap it with food film and put it in freezer.

Spread the pastry with a thickness of about 1 cm and store it in a buttered and floured hinged mold with a diameter 22 cm. Form the base and the edges with a height of about 3/4 cm

Refrigerate to rest until the cream has cooled completely.

Take the mold and fill with the custard.

Level the surface well with a spoon back.

Take the pastry from the freezer and with a grant with large holes crumble it completely over the entire surface.

Cook in a preheated oven Static mode at 170 degrees for about 50 minutes.

Allow to cool before removing from the mold.

Recipe created for Mill Marello from Stefania Fracasso of flavor clouds
Instagram: @nuvolisaporistefania



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