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Ingredients for the cake

200 g semolted sugar or better still if in veil,

6 average eggs at room temperature,

220 g of Farina of Integral Rice Mill Marello

1 sachet yeast powder for gluten-free sweets

(to comply with the original recipe or if you use a different flour, also munite a teaspoon of cremar tartar to add to the egg whites)

a spoon of rum to flavor,

180 g water,

120 g seed oil,

For the chocolate ganache

230 ml of fresh liquid cream to mount

150 g melted dark chocolate

3 tablespoons of veil sugar












Preheat the oven to 180 degrees in ventilated mode.

Take the eggs and separate the egg whites from the yolks.

Avoid using cold eggs from the fridge.

With the electric whips or the planetarium, mount the egg whites until they become injure fermissy.

(if you wish to follow the original recipe you also add the tartar cremar as you mount them)

They are ready when raising the whips, the egg whites will remain attached like a white nugget.

Apart from, in another bowl, mount the yolks with the sugar to veil.

Together then the seed oil, the tablespoon of rum and the lukewarm water.

Finally add the complete rice flour Mulino Marello and yeast for sweets (in case of verified celiachia that will bring gluten-free indication back on the pack).

Work out all the ingredients a few seconds, until you make them well amalgamated.

At the end, with the help of a spatula and with circular movements, from the bottom to the top, unite the snow-caps in snow. Try to carry out this operation gently, so as not to dismount the compound. You have to get a voluminous and soothing compound.

Pour it in a mold for chiffon cake of 24 cm or 26 cm. You will not have to buttered it and sprout it, but if anything, just spend it with oil on the bottom as I usually do.

Cook your chiffon cake in hot oven at 170 ° for 45 approc. (in ventilated mode).

Always do the proof stick to check the cooking and adjust because each furnace has different times.

After finishing the overturned cooking the mold from chiffon cake upside down by resting on the pins, until full cooling.

When the chiffon cake will be cold, with the help of a knife detach the cake from the edges and take off the mold.

In the meantime take care of the chocolate cream.

Mount well the cold liquid cream from the fridge.

I mount it with planetaria but you can do it with electric whips, too.

Add 3 tablespoons of sugar to veil.

When it will be well mounted, united the dark melted melted dark chocolate. You can merge your own dark chocolate in a maria bath or very quickly even in the microwave. (I always prefer to snap it into a bowl and merge it to the microwave).

Combine the melted chocolate to the whipped cream, stirring gently with a spatula.

Rest the cream obtained 30 in the refrigerator.

Spend resuming the cream and put it on top of the chiffon cake with the help of a sac to a few.

Make tussles on the surface and decorate with fresh strawberries or other fruit of your liking.

Also excellent is the variant with simple spoles of bitter cocoa or hazelnut.

The chiffon cake with full rice flour remains very soft and it is also ideal as a birthday cake.

It keeps in the fridge.


Recipe performed for us by Monica Bellin

Instagram : monica_bellin_

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