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80 g of fine white rice flour from whole grain Mulino Marello
200 g of water
120 g of butter or margarine
70 g of corn starch
1 pinch of salt
4 / 5 eggs


Bring to boil water and butter with a pinch of salt,
you then pour the starches and the flour and mingle
energetically until a pastar is formed
compact, that is, when they gelize the amides, so
remove from the fire. Put the compound in a planetarium, turn on it and little at a time add the eggs (1 at a time) having well taken care that they are absorbed into the compound, alternating the mixing to the addition of the eggs.

The result must be a smooth and soft compound, with no lumps. It must be then "swell" with sac to a few on unte teils with oil or butter. Inform us at 200 ° for 6 (during which our bignes grow and inflate),
then go to 190 ° for another 5/6 (open slightly the furnace of the oven with a thickness having care not to precipitate the temperature).
Make the bigns cool, then you can fill them with cream-like cream with sac a few or a syringe, or you can cut them in half and fill them.


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