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500 g of natural flour mixture for pizza and Molino Marello focaccia

lievito di birra ¼ di cubetto

warm water 450 ml

olio evo 2 cucchiai

salt 1 teaspoon


Sciogliere 1/4 di cubetto di lievito nell'acqua tiepida. Aggiungere la farina poco per volta e mescolare con un cucchiaio. Al completo assorbimento aggiungere l'olio extravergine di oliva ed il cucchiaino di sale. Continue to mix everything. Io per tutto il tempo ho usato un cucchiaio di legno, senza sporcarmi le mani. Cover with plastic wrap and a canvas and let rise until double (no less than 3 hours).

After the leavening time, resume the dough, and on a floured surface (I used the rice flour and parchment paper) work it a little, from the outside towards the center, slowly and divide the dough into two. Spread the dough ball from the center outwards with your fingers, using rice flour, widening slowly, trying to create the cornices with your fingertips. Season each pizza disc with the tomato puree, salt, a little oregano and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

Cooking with overturned dripping

While spreading the pizzas, let the oven go with the reversed dripping inside, in the lowest shelf, at maximum temperature (my 220 ° C), ventilated oven. When you bake the pizza, the dripped (oven pan) must be hot, because in this way it will act as a refractory stone. Ho infornato la pizza sulla leccarda con la carta forno. 13 minutes of cooking only with the sauce, then season it as desired (I directly in the oven) for another 10 minutes. Ho usato solo mozzarella e basilico. Remove from the oven and proceed with the other pizza.

Recipe made by Virginia Pizza






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