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500 g of Mixture of natural fares for Pizza and Focaccia Mulino Marello

yeast of ¼ of cubic beer

tepid water 450 ml

oil evo 2 tablespoons

salt 1 teaspoon


Dissolve 1/4 of yeast cubes in the lukewarm water. Add the flour just at a time and mix with a spoon. To the complete absorption add the extra-virgin olive oil and the teaspoon of salt. Continue to amalgamation of it all. I have been using a wooden spoon all the time, without getting my hands dirty. Cover with film and a canovt and leave to lid to the doubling (not less than 3 hours).

Spend the yeast time, resume the dough, and on a master plan (I have used rice flour and baked paper) work it a bit, from the outside to the center, slowly and divide the pantry in two. Stall the dough balls from the center to the outside with your fingers, using the rice flour, alarming floor plan, trying to create the corniches with the fingertips. It seasoned every pizza with the tomato, salt, a bit of oregano and an extra-virgin olive oil.

Cooking with toppled leccarda

As you lay down the pizzas, make the oven go with the tucarda toppled inside, in the lower back, at the maximum of the temperature (my 220 °C), ventilated oven. When you inform the pizza, the leccarde (baking pan) will have to result in the ruins, because in this way it will act as a refractory stone.  I baked pizza on the leccarda with the baked paper. 13 of cooking only with the sauce, then the condite to please (I directly in the oven) for another 10. I used only mozzarella and basil. Bake and proceed with the other pizza.

Recipe realized by Virginia Pizza

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