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200 g ofBuckwheat flour Mulino Marelloor

alternativelyMix of natural fares for Pizza and focaccia Mulino Marello

salt q.b.

water q.b.

1 tablespoon of olive oil


Put the flour in a terrine, unite the salt and the oil, start adding a little water and mix, add flat water until with your hands you will not be able to get a homogeneous, soft but machine-like pancite.


Take out the baking paper and stay on the work floor, divide your panetto into multiple parts and with the help of the building block lay down the various parts on the baking paper. Grab a glass or a round pasta cup and form as many subtle chunks, help with a bit of flour to work out the pasta with the mattreel. The baking paper makes the pasta do not attack on the work plan.

Once you have got the chunks, cook them in a hot anti-adjugate pan, cook a few minutes from both sides until the surface will be beautiful colored and the bubbles will not be formed.


Served hot or cold with salumes or cheeses.


  • ….mi son dimenticata un pò di riposo in frigo prima di stendere!

    donatella on date

  • ho scoperto in rete un trucchetto stupendo per rendere l’impasto più elastico e malleabile sia in fase di lavorazione che nella piadina ultimata, che rimane morbida (piegabile)e non rigida. L’ho provato con la vostra farina il risultato è stupendo. basta aggiungere l’acqua molto calda invece che fredda. ciao

    donatella on date

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