Rice semolina

Inserted by Rosa Rizzo the

Our rice semolina derives from a particular variety with whole round bean, perfect for creating creamy sweet semolina and the typical "gnocchi alla Romana", for all palates.

How to use gluten-free rice semolina

The rice semolina has a medium grain, similar to sugar and is used to prepare sweet semolina or "Roman gnocchi", it can also be used as a duster for the preparation of fresh pasta, pizza, etc ...

The color is white, the flavor is delicate and pleasant.

Why use our rice semolina

- because it comes from a particular variety of rice, the original grain-grained, naturally rich in starch, so it binds very well with the various ingredients, eggs, milk, butter, sugar ...

- semolina without thickening, without preservatives and without added sugar.

- We use only the whole beans and not the broken, to keep the percentage of starch constant at each supply and for greater health of flour.

- We grind the flour exclusively to stone, to keep all the organoleptic abilities of rice unaltered.