Discover your personality with a cake

Inserted by Rosa Rizzo the

What a personality are you? Find out with a cake!
Depending on the cake you choose to prepare a different personality is associated:

1) Red velvet cake: You're a person full of passion.

2) Baked cassata: You're a traditional person and at the same time thoughtful.

3) cheesecake At coffee: you are a wake-up person and full of energy, vital and extroverted.

4) Paradise cake: You're a simple and sweet person.

5) Chocolate cake with pistachios, raspberries and pepper: sophisticated and attentive to detail, with an acid aftertaste.

6) Fruit tart: Fresh and full of nuances, disruptive and overwhelming.

7) Carrot cake with frosting to orange: You're a sweet and genuine person. In 2 words: Altruistic and generous!

8) Chocolate cake: You are a person available and exciting, surprising and never trivial.

And what cake are you?