Mixture of natural pasta flours

Inserted by Rosa Rizzo the

Our mixture of gluten-free stone flours is ideal for preparing egg tagliatelle, lasagna, agnolotti, gnocchi and fresh egg pasta in general.

It is realized with our rice flours, corn, sorghum and buckwheat.

Our mix of natural pasta mushrooms mix is ​​gluten-free, without starches and without added sugar.

Ground stone flours

The rice flour used derives from rice with round varieties, very rich in starch and ideal for gluten-free doughs, it is also very workable and fragrant.

The buckwheat flour derives from decorated buckwheat, so the flour is very clear and fine grain, very soft and ideal for sweets and savory and mixed with other flours, or for cracks and pancakes.

Mais flour is a mix of fine maize varieties and ancient Piedmontese varieties, 5 varieties of corn in all that create intense and particular aromatic colors and bouquets.

The sorghum flour derives from our white sorghum decorated, for a hazelnut flour, rich in fiber and taste.

All our flours are without preservatives and additives, are ground stone, more cereals are cultivated in Piedmont from our farm.