Gluten-free yeast

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The mother yeast what it is

Themother yeast It is a dough composed ofwater and flour which is left to ferment spontaneously using substances that start naturally to the fermentative process.

Themother yeast o Madre Pasta is a "alive" yeast, different frombrewer's yeast, Commonly used for leavened as pizza and bread.

It is a dough that, once prepared for the first time, must be combined with water and flour to obtain another dough from which, following a long leavening, it will be a part of it that will be used for the next dough.

In a nutshell, mother yeast is a living pasta that is always fed, thus becoming inexhaustible.

Thebeer yeast (or Saccharomices Cerevisiae) Instead, it is a product available in fresh loaves (you can find them in the refrigerated counter of the supermarket) or in dry powder (which can be kept longer) and must be simply added to the dough of bread or pizza.

It owes its name to the fact that the unicellular microorganisms from which it is generated were used since ancient times for the artisanal production of beer.

The mother yeast as you do at home

The mother yeast has been re -evaluated in recent years and is widely used at home also because bread and pizza with mother yeast have a better flavor and fragrance and the dough is more digestible.

The sourdough must be refreshed usually weekly and the leavening of bread and pizza is longer, continuing to refresh it week by week you will have a stronger mother yeast over time and you will get excellent results.

Mother yeast can be done gluten -free

Of course, gluten -free mother yeast can be done, you need to use a flour naturally gluten -free, such as rice flour or sorghum flour, the important thing is that we have a very fine grain to help leavening.

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