Stone grinding

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We grind all our rice flours, corn, sorghum and rigorously stone buckwheat, this allows you to have a tasty, fragrant and colorful flour.

What is the advantage of stone grinding

The advantage of stone grindingIt is to keep all the organoleptic properties of cereals, color, to the perfume, to the taste unaltered.

Grinding in stone is comparable to an art made of sensory experiences where mill and conductor are the protagonists of an orchestra.

Temperature tactile sensations Flour is the most important, it must be kept lower as possible to preserve organoleptic, nutritional and aromatic qualities of ground corn.

The Parfums Which emerges during grinding together with the noise of moving stones are elements that guide us in the adjustment of the millstones, fundamental to check that the same do not touch.

Gluten-free cereal grainsThey are the only elements that divide the two mills by making them almost float one on the other.

The ability to intuit and manage the nuances of these different sensations leads to producing a high quality gluten-free flour, while achieving the desired final granulometry for use in the most varied culinary applications.