Our round chicco rice

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For our rice flours, the variety is very important, we grow a particular round variety with whole grain that we grow directly in our farm in Piedmont ...Round rice with whole grain

For theour rice flour We made precise choices,The use of Cultivar in Chicco Tondo and the grinding of whole beans only.

Only round chicco Because it guarantees a percentage of higher starch compared to common variety of use, helping to tie the dough during processing and cooking.

Only whole beans Because this allows us to select the particular variety of rice desired with its specific qualities.

On the market, the rice flours derive almost all from the grinding of the so -called "broken", that is, from the broken beans discarded during the selection of the whole grains for risotto.

The broken are mixed with each other and then ground and the result is a flour that is unknown nor the variety of rice of origin, nor the precise percentage of starch.

With the variety of round rice with whole grain we therefore get a perfect flour for the doughs, soft and fragrant, for easy -to -work doughs.


For this reason, rice flour is recommended for desserts, fries and fresh pasta.