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Our decorticated Saracen wheat flour is very versatile in the kitchen, ideal for tasty salty snacks, biscuits, cakes or crepes...

Dehulled Saracen wheat flour

Our Saracen wheat flour derives from the grinding of dehydrated Saracen wheat, i.e. stripped of the first layer of skin, this allows us to have a very clear flour and a persistent taste but not too much.

The fine grain also presses a good workmanship in the doughs that makes our flour very versatile in the various recipes of salts, fresh pasta, cakes and snacks.

Wheat flour Saracen how to use it

It can be used alone to prepare crepes, pancakes, slices, non-yeast bread, biscuits, cakes, crusts, or in a mixture with other flours according to your taste. 

Flours ground to stone

Our Saracen wheat flour is strictly ground to stone.

All our cereals are grown in Piedmont by our Agricultural Company.

All our flours are gluten-free, starch-free, no added sugar, no preservatives and no additives.